Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Natalya Kaminski


The newest release in the FFG Tannhäuser universe is a Russian that stomps around in power armor carrying a seriously righteous Lightning Cannon. Natalya Kaminski is a Matriarchy Epic Hero that worked with Oksana Gusarenko on restoring and enhancing some of Tesla and Rossum's cast-offs.

The Kostjak Bronka Apparat Suit and the Volta Lightning Cannon are the main part of her arsenal. The rest of her kit boils down to support for these two items.

The KBA Suit allows Natalya to re-roll up to two dice on your shock roll. However, if the re-roll rolls a natural 1, Natalya takes an additional wound.

The Lightning Cannon is a Heavy Automatic weapon that allows you to target an additional adjacent character to the character you are attacking. You make one attack roll and each target rolls their own shock roll.

The Command Pack also includes that token MASSIVE that allows all allies adjacent to Natalya to roll an extra die on their shock rolls. Nice.

While the illustration of Natalya is one of my favorites in the Tannhäuser universe, the figure itself is one of the worst. The sculpture is chunky and limited in detail compared to the others in the line. In addition, the pose is not great and her head is too big. She is big, though. Now to test her in battle...

The Ladies of Tannhäuser

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