Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Operation Hinansho Released


Operation Hinansho is released and in stores now!!!

Miah - where does TH18 fit into your list?

I skipped over the parts of the rulebook that FFG put out as a PDF. Here are the 9 new scenarios.

New stuff to spruce up your older maps!

There is an entry point in the middle of each edge for your 3-4 player games.

Who left the radio out in the woods?!?

A nice spot for a secret passageway token...

Lots of places for locked doors.

Entry 1

Entry Point 2

Entry Point 3

Entry Point 4

I think the new maps are great and I like that there is support for 2-4 players now. That is a major plus for getting more people to try Tannhäuser.

I feel U-Chronic!!!




Anonymous said...

List is here, I think this was the latest update.


Anonymous said...

Hey what artist were listed in the credits in the manual?

and Good work Doc.

Pete Miller said...

I think the back of the manual pic is high res enough to blow up to see, but the art credits are: Cover Artist- Mark Taduran, Map Artist- Ben Zweifel, Character Design- Didier Poli, Graphic Design- Megan Duehn with Brian Schomberg and Michael Silsby,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doc.

Wailslake said...

Great summary of the pack.

Just a quick question though: would you consider this a good purchase if you currently own the base set ONLY.

i.e. are the scenarios playable with the base set figures or would you need a few more from expansions?