Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New York Comic Con Friday

Here are some scenes from the massively crowded (100,000 plus total attendees) New York Comic Con. Wow. I will be captioning these... so be patient...

Friday Morning - The sea of humanity has not been unleashed yet.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is the one video game I am looking for. I went to a panel Sat - more info then...
Here they come...

The lil' Dalek

There was an art collective showing works and creating works right at the con.

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Singularity & Company ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to get classic SF books back into print. They also have a bookstore in Brooklyn.

The guy on the left ran this stand that had a massive collection of stickers representing all manner of geeky topics.
Booth Babe

4 Player PacMan
The Fortune 500 invasion of Comic Con is complete. Chevy, Intel, Kelloggs - there is no end.

Choose Brains

Yeah, she's cute, but $250?

Keomaka's art was fantastic - and not crazy pricey - but too much for me...

New Ninja Turtles cartoon is coming, and I think it will be good...

My Little Pony Cosplay

Vehicles from the new Heroclix sets

There was supposed to be a plane between the Batmobile and the police car, but I couldn't see it...
Portal figs - also by Wizkids, but not clix?
Yep. Craftsman at Comic-Con. They even had a DC produced comic hyping their new multi tool system.

Of course there is a huge video game presence with all 3 major players represented.

Lego Hulk

Iron Sky - The Nazis on the Moon Movie was selling DVDs.

Pretty sure this dino was wandering the hall promoting something, but I never did find out what.

Angel Storm Trooper - one of two feminized STs I saw (didn't get a pic of the other).
I guess Black Widow's had a fe Hi-Chews already...

I don't know if they have these everywhere, but the happy family cartoons on the back windows of minivans all over Los Angeles deserved to be mocked. I like it.

Doctor Who just grows and grows... Not bad for a show that will be 40 years old next year...

I guess these are for the Steampunk doctors.

WWII Dalek
Massive Mass Effect group
Gears of War couple

More pics coming...

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