Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Three is a Magic Number

By littlewars

This month's U-Chronic Token is a Scenario Token. It is not placed in any character's Equipment Pack. This token will allow players to add an additional Entry Point to the map. I have also included a three player mini scenario that employs the Secret Entrance Token.

Three Is A Magic Number

Briefing: Three player scenario for Tannhauser

Map: Castle or Crypt

Difficulty Level: Hard

Game Mode: Death Match

Materials: Secret Entrance Token and 8 Crate Tokens (see Setup below)

- Separate the Crate Tokens into Equipment and Victory Points.
- Shuffle the Equipment Tokens face down and randomly select three, discard the rest.
- Shuffle the Equipment Tokens face down with the five Victory Point tokens (0,1,1,2,2).
- Without revealing their contents, place these eight Crate Tokens on every Objective and Action circle.

Pick up the most Victory Points and eliminate both teams.

Special Rules:
- Each team starts the game with the standard 2 Victory Points plus any bonuses. Players may only earn Victory Points by eliminating characters in the following manner: For every 2 characters (Hero or Troop) eliminated from 2 different opposing teams, the player earns 1 Victory Point. Eliminating 2 characters from only one opposing team earns no Victory Points.
- Victory Points can be spent normally.

Victory Conditions: Once one team is eliminated, the game ends. The player with the most Victory Points wins. In the case of a tie, the team with the most characters remaining on the board wins.

Custom Faction Victory Point Tokens

Currently there are 2 official factions available from FFG for Tannhauser. For a three player game you will need a custom faction and an additional set of Victory Point Tokens provided below:

I'd like to suggest a custom Mercenary team made up of 4 Heroes for the scenario. Here are some ideas for a Mercenary faction:

• Wolf - Available as a pre-order promo from FFG, you can order Wolf from France and download a scan of the english rule book located on Board Game Geek.

• Yula Korlitz - Though she is a Reich character, Yula's rule book has a scenario where, under the orders of the Kaiser, she must eliminate Von Heizinger and his guards, so it is not that much of a stretch to include her in the Mercenary faction.

• Ikarus Faith - A custom character created by Plageman and the french forum that you can download (in english) from the Black Sheep Archives.

• Jackal - A custom Mercenary created by Doc Savage available here on Savage Tales.

• Gorgei Volkov - A dual Mercenary/Matriarchy character currently only available in France. As this month's bonus, here is a translation of Gorgei's Equipment Packs:

Gorgei Volkov - Phantom Division

Special Item
• Multiple Targets
Gorgei may, after his Combat Roll (if he is still alive, in the case of a Counterattack), make a second shot against another target but uses his lowest Combat Value. Multiple Targets may not be used in a Counterattack. Requires Gorgei is equipped with the PPSh-41s machine pistol.

Combat Pack
• PPSh-41s
Type: Automatic Weapon
Combining precision and efficiency, the PPSh-41s provides a 1-point bonus to the Current Combat Value of its firer and also adds a 1-point bonus to the result of each die (except Natural 1s). This weapon can not use any Extra Ammunition.

• F-1 Grenade
Type: Grenade

• Hero of Rugen
Thanks to this badge, consider Gorgei Volkov's Combat characteristic column to have the following Values: 5,5,5,5.

Stamina Pack

• PPSh-41s
The rules for this appear in the above Combat Pack.

• Survival
When Gorgeï is killed, there is still a physical presence on the board until the end of the following Game Turn. Dead, he may no longer take an Action or be healed, but does block Movement as if he were alive.

His Disposable Equipment is dropped when Gorgei is removed from the board.

• Hero of Giva
When Gorgei is wounded for the first time, one wound is automatically ignored.

Mental Pack

• PPSh-41s
The rules for this appear in the above Combat Pack.

• Gold Star
Announce the Gold Star's use at any time. Until the end of the Game Turn, Gorgei Volkov uses his highest Combat, Mental, and Movement Values, regardless of his current health status.

You may only use Gold Star once per game.

• Major
During the Deployment Roll, the rank of Major allows you to add a 5-point bonus to the die result. This bonus can not be combined with the bonuses of other ranking characters.

One last note: if you decide to order Gorgei from France, I highly recommend the online retailer Ludibay. They are extremely fast with shipping (less than two weeks) and yes the webstore is in english.

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