Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic-Con 2009 - Saturday - James Cameron's Avatar

Saturday is so big that I am breaking up the day into a series of reports, starting with Avatar. No, not The Last Airbender, but James Cameron's Avatar. I missed the 3D presentation Thursday, but there were some displays in the main hall that give us a few clues about the upcoming film.

Sideshow Collectables had a very detailed model of the AMP suit on display. The AMP Suit presented is a weapon, no doubt about it.

Mattel had an Avatar display as well, featuring one of two full size AMP Suits made for the movie. The arms and legs are made of metal. That thing must be really heavy. Unfortunately, the AMP Suit was in a very cramped area which made it hard to get a picture of the whole thing.

Spokesmodel in movie uniform

Combat Knife

Mattel also had a few displays of the toy prototypes.

One of the cool features of the toys is that they each come with a card that matches the toy. If you put the card up to your computer's webcam a 3D model of the vehicle appears on the screen on top of the card. You can get more than one of these models going at the same time and use them to play a simple game on the computer. The models can fight it out.

More reports to follow...

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