Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Hellboy Pt 3

Here are the tokens for Hellboy. 

I received some comments from old pal Rhydderch about the Hellboy powers and agree with some of his points so there will be a tweak to his Character 2-Page Sheet. I'll get that up next week. 

If you have any comments on Hellboy or any of the other BPRD, let me know as I am looking to move on.

I'll be working on the Agent card next. It'll be a twofer - both agents will have the same powers, but there will be two cards for two different figures.



Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,

I might be able to help, I have CS3 and some free time.

Anonymous said...

One suggestion for Hellboy's equipment. As The Samaritan and Big Baby are large, heavy, and bulky. You may want to add that they may only be used by a character with the Athletics Skill.