Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Studio Spectre - The Results



Thanks to everyone that participated in this interesting experiment. I appreciate the time spent on the feed back and the suggestions. I also want to thank Mike Fyles for coming up with 2 great pieces of art in the first place!

I have chosen a cover and here are the winners:

From all those commenting, the winner is Erwin K!

From those choosing the same cover that I did, the winner is...

First, I'm gonna explain my thought process on this. I love #1 and the changes made it much better. It is a great action piece and I love it. It also beautifully illustrates a scene in the story. I will make good use of this piece of art. 

However, that scene is more of a character piece for the Jade Monk and not part of the main plot and certainly doesn't tie in with the title. For those reasons, I am choosing the mood piece, #2...

The second winner is...


Congratulations to the winners. You will receive a printed copy in the next 4-6 weeks. I will be in contact regarding your addresses. 



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