Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Complete Moeller's Hermetics

Here is the Beta version of the complete Hermetic Faction. Please let me know your thoughts here or on my thread at the official FFG Tannhäuser boards.

Moeller's Hermetics
When playing with additional factions on the Operation Tannhäuser and Novgorod maps you will need additional entry spaces. The awesome littlewars presented us with the perfect solution; an entry token. Just print out a couple of these and put them in a corner of the board and go to town. Or you could print out one of the cool custom maps available here and here. My huge outdoor map has 4 entry points already. The Daedalus map also has 4 entry points.

There are 2 options for Lady Furstenstein. You may choose either one, but not both. The Rustung Fallhammer and the M.U.R.08 are considered the Troops in this faction.

After printing out all the stuff linked here, to play the Hermetics faction you will need the following figures:

Doktor Moeller - 1x Bonded Fire Summoner UNCOMMON #10 - Dungeons & Dragons - War of the Dragon Queen

Lady Furstenstein - 1x Magdalena - Indy Heroclix
Lady Furstenstein - 1x Doomguard COMMON #47 - D&D Minis - Blood War

Jackal - 1x Human Blaster-for-Hire COMMON #35 - Star Wars Miniatures - Bounty Hunters
Jackal's Hyenas - 2x Hunting Hyena COMMON #47 - D&D Minis - War of the Dragon Queen

M.U.R.08 - 1x E522 Assassin Droid UNCOMMON #31- Star Wars Minis -Bounty Hunters

Rustung Fallhammer - 3x War Ape COMMON #22 - D&D Minis - War of the Dragon Queen


Lady Furstenstein (Katana)

Lady Furstenstein (Twin Daggers)

Matthaus Lang 'Jackal'

Jackal's Hyenas


Rustung Fallhammer

So there they are. If you try them out, please let me know what you thought of them.

Next Week - Savage Tales is on vacation...


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