Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pulp of the Week - Doc Savage - Nov 1936

November 1936 - Resurrection Day

Resurrection Day is a unique Doc Savage adventure for many reasons. The tale begins when Doc's five men print an announcement in all the nations' morning newspapers. The message urges the nation to look to the next day's papers for an announcement from Doc Savage. The next editions include an announcement that Doc Savage will address the nation on radio that evening. Finally, the bronze man himself speaks directly to the American people: "It is in my power to bring a dead man back to life. Only one man may be brought back to life." One person from all of history is to be chosen. Doc Savage has come forward to the public to let them have a say in who is to be resurrected.

While the public debates which person would be most worthy, and the choices are wide ranging, Doc must make the final decision. Due to the nature of creating this elixer of life, it has taken Doc 10 or more years to make enough to revive just one person. A blue ribbon panel has been chosen and after lengthy discussion, they have selected Soloman.

Well, as can be expected in a Doc Savage story, things go awry and a nefarious party swaps mummies for one of their choosing - an ancient king who's vast treasure has spent millennia hidden from even the greatest of treasure hunters and this is the man resurrected.

There is a chase and great discovery, action and thrills, that lead to ancient ruins and danger, excitement, and death.

This is a pretty good tale and I'll give it an 8.5 out of 10.

The pulp cover is by Walter Baumhofer and the paperback cover is one of James Bama's best for the series.