Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Complete Moeller's Hermetics

Here is the Beta version of the complete Hermetic Faction. Please let me know your thoughts here or on my thread at the official FFG Tannhäuser boards.

Moeller's Hermetics
When playing with additional factions on the Operation Tannhäuser and Novgorod maps you will need additional entry spaces. The awesome littlewars presented us with the perfect solution; an entry token. Just print out a couple of these and put them in a corner of the board and go to town. Or you could print out one of the cool custom maps available here and here. My huge outdoor map has 4 entry points already. The Daedalus map also has 4 entry points.

There are 2 options for Lady Furstenstein. You may choose either one, but not both. The Rustung Fallhammer and the M.U.R.08 are considered the Troops in this faction.

After printing out all the stuff linked here, to play the Hermetics faction you will need the following figures:

Doktor Moeller - 1x Bonded Fire Summoner UNCOMMON #10 - Dungeons & Dragons - War of the Dragon Queen

Lady Furstenstein - 1x Magdalena - Indy Heroclix
Lady Furstenstein - 1x Doomguard COMMON #47 - D&D Minis - Blood War

Jackal - 1x Human Blaster-for-Hire COMMON #35 - Star Wars Miniatures - Bounty Hunters
Jackal's Hyenas - 2x Hunting Hyena COMMON #47 - D&D Minis - War of the Dragon Queen

M.U.R.08 - 1x E522 Assassin Droid UNCOMMON #31- Star Wars Minis -Bounty Hunters

Rustung Fallhammer - 3x War Ape COMMON #22 - D&D Minis - War of the Dragon Queen


Lady Furstenstein (Katana)

Lady Furstenstein (Twin Daggers)

Matthaus Lang 'Jackal'

Jackal's Hyenas


Rustung Fallhammer

So there they are. If you try them out, please let me know what you thought of them.

Next Week - Savage Tales is on vacation...


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Friday, December 19, 2008


Decipher Games has announced that over the weekend the existing Fight Klub site will be going away. The new site will be having a pre-launch starting as early as Sunday for the Founding Mentors who will have a few days to post content to the site and get their Mentor Profiles up. If the site proves stable and ready to go, it could be as soon as late next week for the site to go live for everyone.

This means that (hopefully) by New Years the new FIGHT KLUB will open and we will be able to buy cards!!!

To access the site you will be asked who invited you. That person is your Mentor. When you get to the door that asks "Who Sent You?", you say Spike.

Well not right now, but soon. Real soon. Believe me, I'll let you know. Even if it isn't a Friday.

If you buy any cards for the game (available EXCLUSIVELY on the Fight Klub site) your Mentor gets 10% of what you spend :). Once in the game, you can be a mentor for your friends and get 10% of what they spend.

In order to post content to the site you have to have to be a member of the site. That includes providing your credit card information.

Besides being able to buy product, Decipher will have actual information on the identity of the users of the site. That could be a positive to reduce trolling and spamming on the boards. Because if you are a fan of the game and get banned, you won't have direct access to the game anymore.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Daedalus and Field Ops Arrive

12.17.08 - UPDATE - see notes in RED


Yes, it is true. The newest Tannhäuser expansion is out. I got mine yesterday and had to interrupt my planned complete Moeller's Hermetics posting. That will have to be next time.

I tore open the shipping box and got out out my camera. As you will see, the map is beautiful, the tokens are plentiful and the scenarios are... well they're in french.

The Daedalus package, when still sealed in the shrink wrap reminds me of cracking open a 2 LP set more than anything. When you open it up here is what you get in the Daedalus expansion pack. A 2-sided map board (complete with a mostly useless base set catacombs), a boat load of tokens, and a booklet (in french) describing the tokens and scenarios.

There are MANY more pictures at the Savage Tales Gallery on Shutterfly.


Malechi's favorite feature of Daedalus

The new map has 4 entry points on it! That is awesome. It also has some new symbols on it.

This first one, the person in the red No symbol is a Prohibited Space. You can move through this space, but you can't stop there.

The next one is a mechanical horizontal elevator that you can summon, get in, and move around the board in. I am still trying to decipher the exact rules...

There are these green arrows on the map as well. I am not sure exactly what they are for.

As Matt has surmised in his comment, these are indeed one way circles. Your character can only pass through these in one direction. Once you step in you can only exit in the indicated direction.

Some of the circles are partly off the board.

The Daedelus pack stuff fits into the main Tannhäuser box just fine. The new map is really nice and I am looking forward to playing on it. Since we do not yet have Novgorod, at least I can play scenarios that link the castle with the catacombs.

Tannhäuser Field Ops

Field Ops is an interesting game, joining Wings of War and Battleground as card-based tabletop miniatures games. Field Ops has Characters and Troops and their equipment. It also has Terrain and Structures. The Character Cards themselves are pushed around the table to position the troops for battle. If the cards touch, they can go at it Hand-to-Hand.

Here are the contents of the box. You can see the back of the rulebook, the unpunched token and counters sheet, dice, and two Command Posts. The Command Posts are used to track damage and to assign orders for each turn. As in Heroscape the orders are secret. The Command Posts are cardstock and a bit flimsy, and could be dented easily. They nest inside each other to fit in the box. If I enjoy the game I will figure out something to make them sturdier.

While the production value of the art work and design cards is top notch, all the cards have a burr that is right in the middle of the top and bottom edges. Since the cards are physically pushed aroung the table, I put my cards in sleeves right after taking these pictures.

Reich Card Backs

Union Card Backs

Wolf also has his own set of cards you can see at the Savage Tales Gallery.

The Heros of the Union

Hoax's powers

Sergeant Drake Harrison's powers. Hmmm Sgt. Drake... That has a familiar ring to it... I'm surprised he doesn't have a grapple gun...

Some Heroes of the Reich

Freya Von Karloff's powers.

Behemouth Cards

Some Battlefield condition and structure cards.

There are MANY more pictures (almost, if not every card) at the Savage Tales Gallery on Shutterfly.

Daedalus and Field Ops are going to take a serious effort to translate to English. Give the speed that FFG is releasing this, I am looking forward to a year or two of play before the FFG version comes out. People interested in helping the translation effort should chime in here, or at the FFG boards.

These games were easy enough to order from Ludibay, and they take credit cards and PayPal. I got my games quickly, but the shipping wasn't cheap... Of course they have had Novgorod and Georgi and Ramirez for a year.

I will follow up with playing reports as they happen.


© 2008 Peter Miller

My custom additions to Tannhäuser are not created by, distributed, or endorsed by Take on You, Asmodee, or Fantasy Flight. Tannhäuser and all related characters are trademarks of Take on You and © Take on You LTD. All Rights Reserved.