Friday, December 19, 2008


Decipher Games has announced that over the weekend the existing Fight Klub site will be going away. The new site will be having a pre-launch starting as early as Sunday for the Founding Mentors who will have a few days to post content to the site and get their Mentor Profiles up. If the site proves stable and ready to go, it could be as soon as late next week for the site to go live for everyone.

This means that (hopefully) by New Years the new FIGHT KLUB will open and we will be able to buy cards!!!

To access the site you will be asked who invited you. That person is your Mentor. When you get to the door that asks "Who Sent You?", you say Spike.

Well not right now, but soon. Real soon. Believe me, I'll let you know. Even if it isn't a Friday.

If you buy any cards for the game (available EXCLUSIVELY on the Fight Klub site) your Mentor gets 10% of what you spend :). Once in the game, you can be a mentor for your friends and get 10% of what they spend.

In order to post content to the site you have to have to be a member of the site. That includes providing your credit card information.

Besides being able to buy product, Decipher will have actual information on the identity of the users of the site. That could be a positive to reduce trolling and spamming on the boards. Because if you are a fan of the game and get banned, you won't have direct access to the game anymore.


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