Heroscape Customs

Before there was Tannhäuser, there was HeroScape. Here are all the Custom HeroScape cards that I have done. You can find the originals here. I have to say that these are a lot easier to make than Tannhäuser ones...
Sgt. Doug MacGreggor is the main character of an unproduced screenplay of mine. He will probably see life again in my pulp fiction universe.


10/13/07 - With Scapeday '07 coming up, I made an updated Lobster Johnson card to go with the Classic Hellboy set.

Hellboy and the BPRD Boxed Set.
Some of these premiered in the HeroScape Codex issue #7.

Here are the Classic Heroscape cards for the BPRD team. My earlier BPRD cards reflected the movie versions of the characters (especially Abe and Liz), while these more closely represent the characters as portrayed in the Dark Horse comic books. As usual, your comments are welcome.

The "S" at the bottom of Hellboy's card stands for Superstrength. For those of you without Marvelscape, here is the definition of Superstrength from the Marvel rulebook: A figure with this symbol is not affected by the Falling and Major Falling rules. The character is still affected by the Extreme Falling rules. A figure with this symbol also ignores any special powers that gives automatic shields to Destructible Objects.

And Hellboy as he was when summoned to Earth against his will. Imagine if Utgar would have would gotten ahold of the wee demon...

At the Heroscapers  forum, John Clowdus (of Small Box Games fame) used to run a contest (for bragging rights only) where you had a weekend to create a custom for a particular figure. I enjoyed that challenge and fared pretty well... 

KENAMON SOLO, a human / vampire hybrid. I tried to do a comparable power to Chilling touch, but I didn't do well in the contest...

Here is my winning entry from Speed Custom Contest #8

Here is my entry from Speed Contest #6 (2 whole votes!!!) -

Here is my entry from Speed Contest #5 (2 whole votes!!!) -

Here is my winning entry from Speed Customs #4 -

Here is my winning entry from Speed Customs #3 -

Here is my 2nd place entry from Speed Customs #1 - Brunn Erlen

Born on Marr into the mysterious race of Quaglanders known as the Ploog, Brunn Erlen broke with the Ploogian Council to fight the growing menace of Marro expansionism. The Ploog are a peaceful race, living in harmony with nature, creating art and music loved and treasured by the populace of Marr. But the Marro aggression, fueled by the recent intrusions of Utgar, have pushed Brunn to take up with the Primadon against this otherworldly menace. His natural abilities to merge with the Quaglands make him a potent fighter in the marshy back country of Marr. His favorite tactic is to silently move through the swamp, then appear suddenly, grabbing a victim or two and pulling them down into the embrace of the mire. Brunn also served as a guide and lead the way on recent attacks against the Marro hives.

In response to the attacks on the Marro hives, Utgar sent Ne-Gok-Sa across the void to Marro. The Warlord joined with the Grey Marro and travelled to the Quaglands, attacking the Ploog village of Thomaroy. The Ploog there were wiped out.
Brunn Erlen heard of the massacre and led a Primadon commando force through the Quaglands, catching up to Ne-Gok-Sa's Marro forces. The battle was legendary, but in the end Ne-Gok-Sa trapped Erlen with his horrible telepathic abilities. Before they knew what had happened, Erlen turned on the Primadon force, and dragged a Gorillanator squad into the depths of the swamp. When he returned to attack again, the Primadons were ready; weapons locked and loaded.

Fortunately, Vydar had been made aware of the bravery and valor of Brunn Erlen and snatched him to Valhalla just as the rain of automatic fire was unleashed. Brunn was left bitter and alone; the sole Ploogian in the battle of all time. His hatred of Utgar is unrelenting, surpassed only by the hatred for what he has become.

I can already see that I need to fix Essence of the Bog to say that he doesn't have to stop on swamp or swampwater spaces.

11/20/06 - Echo Squad REVISED to clarify text and to limit the Cover Fire to once per round.

The figures are from Rackham's SciFi game, AT43.

Here is my first two sided card... The winner of Fallen Templar's Rasputin Contest. There was a good bit of discussion on the contest entry thread -




here is the figure from Wizkids HorrorClix

The figure is the Free Comicbook Day Heroclix give-away figure. 

Here's Luke Cage. He was the partner of Iron Fist in the Hero for Hire days. I'm not sure about his points, but I want him and Iron Fist to go for 200 points combined... This is a Heroclix figure.

From the future (of 1974) I bring you DEATHLOK...
The figure is a Heroclix from the Marvel Sinister set. I picked one up from the local comic shop for 50 cents... 

From the pages of Hellboy comes... Rasputin, the mad monk. He keeps your team alive and himself, too. The figure is an Indy Heroclix and should run you several pennies plus a buck or two shipping.

Here are the Kuang-Shi - Chinese Zombies. I am taking a different approach to Zombies than I have seen.

The figures are common D&D Wardrums #46 Terror Wight.

Here is Lei-Gong - chinese god of thunder.

The figure is an Aspect of Hextor from the D&D Minis War Drums set. 


Next are War Drums D&D figures called Fiendish Girallon. I got 2 squads worth.

I swapped some of the hands around on these guys and maybe should have done the hot water reposition of some of the arms, but I think they look pretty good.

This is Bodvar the Bold, a Viking King. The figure is Aspect of Moradin from D&D wardrums.

Here are the current versions of Doc and his Gear... Doc is a figure from Pulp Figures.

Here's Violet, Milla Jovovich's character from the movie, Ultraviolet.

This is a fresh version of my first custom. Doug MacGreggor is a Chainsaw Warrior Games Workshop figure from the 1980s.

The Fin Head - Savage Dragon is another old figure - from the 1990s.

Iron Fist (not the Motorhead song!) He's a Heroclix figure.

Guan-Di is a Jaigun Fighter toy that was spotted first by 1moreheroscaper and brought to my attention on Annerios' HQ thread. He has a nice version of the character there. The thrown spear power is from Truth (see the Halls for its first use). Truth, by the was is Colby Dauch, creator of Summoner Wars.

The Aliens are Here! - The Queen is a Konami Queen model kit and the Warrior are a mix of out of production knock-offs and long out of production Leading Edge figures.

This is the first batch of Aliens cards that I did, but were deemed too complicated... They are presented here for historic value only...

And the Powerloader...

The BPRD - Hellboy, Lobster, and the Agents are Heroclix, and Abe and Liz are Gatcha vending machine figures I got from a vending machine. This is the first set of BPRD that I did before there was the Heroclix box set.

A Contest entry from .net - The original Heroscape board.

The Kil Techs - These are Games Workshop 40K figures...

Here are the Terminators I did at .net... The Terminators are old figures from Hot Lead - Necrovores I think. I also recently got a Leading Edge Arnold T2 Terminator figure. He's a little small. Maybe Horrorclix will do Terminator also...

Here is the dread Dark Young....

These were entered in the a Draconian contest on the now defunct HeroscapeHQ site... The figures are all Mage Knight figures.

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