Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tannhäuser Tuesday - New Troop Packs Revealed

 There they are. The first new Tannhäuser release from FFG since (I think) March 2009. Could that be right? Holy Moley. Well, here are the new Trooper Packs. Still looking forward to the Matriarchy Troop Pack.

As you can see, each Troop Pack comes with 2 figures - repaints of the existing Troop figures from each faction of the original set.

For some reason FFG decided to do away with the Iron Cross symbology on the Reich Troops and went with a more generic "Reich."

Original Schocktruppen on left, new on right.

The Packs come with two sheets of tokens - The Special Object, Combat Pack, and Stamina pack are the same as in the base game, but there is a new Command Pack that comes with two of the new tokens so that you can use the new pack with your original Troops.

The Schocktruppen Command Pack is an MP 40 (same specs as original), a Camp 111 Badge, and a Mechanized Arm. The Camp 111 Rank (the triangle-like token above) may only be taken if Von Heizinger is on your team. The Camp 111 Rank adds a +1 bonus for each friendly figure (don't count yourself) on the same path as the Schocktruppen. The Mechanized Arm is a Hand-to-Hand weapon that lets you add two dice to all the Hand-to-Hand attacks the Schocktruppen makes and lets the Schocktruppen go on Overwatch without spending a Command Point.

Original Stosstruppen on left, new on right.
The Stossentruppen Command Pack also includes 2 new tokens including a spare set for your original figures.

The first new token is the Kampfmesser Bose, a Hand-to-Hand weapon that does not take up an equipment slot. I guess that leaves room for Crate Tokens during the game - neat.

The second new token is for an Ability called Infernal Sustenance. With that token your Stoss are vampire-like - when they inflict wounds on their enemies, they heal one wound for each damage inflicted. This is especially cool considering that their Special Object adds one die for each Hand-to-Hand weapon in their inventory. Now you can load up on the enemy even more.

The original Alpha is on the left and the new one is on the right.

 The new Union figures also provide some nice options for their player. The Commando Alpha troops get a Command Pack as well. The new tokens are a Rank and an Ability. The Ability is called Watch My Back and allows the Alpha to make a Counterattack without spending a Command Point to do so. The Rank is called Only Unit For The Job and allows a Commando Alpha that has taken lethal damage to get one last emergency activation before he dies.

The Commando Delta gets a new token - a grenade called the AN-M11. It acts like a Smoke Grenade in all respects except that it leaves a cloud of FIRE (see the fire tokens below.) Any character that steps on the Fire path suffers 3 Automatic Successes. Fire Good.

The other new token for the Deltas is Moving Target. This token adds +1 to the Delta's Movement Value and all attacks against you suffer a -1 penalty to each die rolled. These new options may also be used with the original soldiers and provide a bunch of new options in your troop makeup. They can be additional troops in your army, or provide back up if you are using reinforcements. 

It is my opinion that the original figures are slightly better painted, but given the variances in the quality of painting even in the original set, this could just be my figures.

The Commando Delta on the right is the new one.

Still U-Chronic after all these years.


Unknown said...

I'm still not that sure what you would use them for.
Seems a lot of money for what is mostly duplicates.

Pete Miller said...

Well, it does allow you to have two of the same troop in your team and provides an extra equipment pack.

They are pricey, but that is true for the whole line. If you find it fun, you buy into it, other wise you really could play the whole game with just the tokens and no figures at all...