Monday, October 4, 2010

100,000 is cool

Today the Savage Tales blog hit 100,000 page views!

I have posted numerous board game previews and reviews as well as a whole faction's worth of new Tannhauser material. I am currently working on finishing the Hellboy and the BPRD faction. After that, probably a few new heroes for Tannhauser.

I have added my numerous HeroScape customs library. I am also thinking about Dust Tactics customs using AT-43 figures, though I have not purchased that game yet.

I started this blog to get me writing on a regular basis and I'm pretty proud of how its gone. I've posted over 36 Pulp of the Week reviews including the first 18 Doc Savage novels. I have posted numerous Comic-Con reports. I have also posted a small amount of fiction.

All in all, I am happy that people are reading and keep coming back. Now, if I can just get a reader in Antarctica... Then I'd have all the continents!

Thanks for reading,


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