Friday, December 17, 2010

Tannhäuser Thursday - Hoss Harbinger Announced!

Hoss Harbinger Prototype

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the release of the last of the TOY legacy single figure packs, Hoss Harbinger, a Reich Hero single figure expansion pack. From the description it sounds like he should be an EPIC HERO, but there is no indication that he is.

From the press release, "Hoss Harbinger is a descendant of Atlas, the true king of the world. In his veins flows the blood of the ancients, and he wields their powers with ease. Hoss is a frighteningly powerful individual, able to bend time and space to his will. His manipulation of reality gives him superior agility and his clairvoyant nature gives him the edge in combat."

That sure sounds epic to me! How you implement the bending of time and space in a combat board game sounds tricky and I wonder what they have come up with. It could be that Hoss may take his turn when ever he'd like, or he may have some kind of limited teleportation.

He seems to be holding the Golden Globe in one hand...

Hoss (too cowboy for my taste) was formerly call Hass, but maybe FFG thought that  Hass sounded too much like an avocado.

I'm looking forward to trying him out.

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