Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Love For Studio Spectre


The All Pulp Blog has taken over the New Pulp Print Bestseller list from the overworked Barry Reese and The Studio Spectre is ranked #7!

The list goes up every Monday and covers New Pulp titles published in the last three months.

Here's the list - Visit All Pulp for the full list.

1) Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, Volume 4 by Various (Airship 27)
2) Finn’s Golem by Gregg Taylor (Autogyro)
3) Fight Card: Bluff City Brawler by Heath Lowrance as Jack Tunney (Fight Card)
4) Prohibition by Terrence McCauley, (Airship 27)
5) The Fangslinger and the Preacher by Bret Lee Hart (Western Trail Blazer)

6) The New Adventures of the Griffon by Various (Pro Se Productions)
7) The Studio Spectre by W. Peter Miller (Uchronic Press)
8 ) Sentinels: Metalgod by Van Plexico (White Rocket Books)

9) Three Against the Stars by Joe Bonadonna (Airship 27)
10) Pro Se Presents # 16 by Various (Pro Se Press)

There is a rumor that an eBook list may be next...

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