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Rules Revisions and clarifications continue. The draft has reached V.0.9.4.

Distribution - There is a long post from Tim Ellington in the Fight Klub forums about exactly how the game will be packaged. For the CCG players out there, it is about as friendly as we could ever hope for. The releases will be numbered, with the starter set called, "One". Starting with "Two" many of the sets will have a special collector pack (nicknamed Black Beauty) that is a fixed set of 11 cards you get free after you have purchased your 3rd kilo of a specific expansion. The purchases don't have to be simultaneous, but if you buy 3 of any kilo you get the pack.

Tim Ellington said, "The size of the sets are 100 cards. 30 rares, 30 uncommons and 40 commons. “One” ships as a fixed set, so you get one each of the 100 cards, plus The Drop, as a 121-card kilo. Three kilos gives you a complete play set. Only the characters in “One” will be marked as rare (since you can only use one character at a time anyway), so you aren’t stuck with extra copies of 20 other rares if you purchase 3 kilos.

The distribution for “Two” and beyond is different. Each of those sets will have 100 unique cards as well, but will ship in a 120-card kilo that contains 10 rares, 30 uncommons and 80 commons. Another unique feature for Fight Klub is that each kilo will contain exactly 1 copy of each uncommon in the set and 2 copies of each common. This does several things.

It guarantees you will get a full 3 copies of every uncommon and 6 copies of every common in a 3-kilo purchase.

The rares are randomized, and you get 10 of the 30 rares in each Kilo. There may be some duplication due to the randomization process, but with the 1-3-3 rule, trading for rares shouldn’t be difficult. Or you can split a 4th kilo with someone in your playgroup. And if you didn’t get every character in your 3-kilo purchase (8 of the 30 rares are characters), you are at least guaranteed to have gotten a full allotment of signature cards for each character you did get.

The Black Beauty is a special package of 11 cards that will always be FREE with the purchase of a third Kilo of a given expansion set. This special package may contain unique gameplay cards, viral marketing elements, cards that work only in alternate formats, etc. Over time we even have plans for players to influence the cards in the Black Beauties via a dream cards section of the website."

Warren Holland, The CEO of Decipher added this:

"The gameplay cards in a Black Beauty will normally be rare… the same rarity as any other rare in a Kilo, but without the randomization. We expect that of the 11 cards, only one to three will be gameplay. (There is a non-gameplay concept rolling around that will likely take up six to eight of the eleven card slots. Maybe Tim will reveal that concept? Maybe not? ;-))

If we create a gameplay card for a Black Beauty which works best with multiple copies, we will put three copies of that card in the pack and it will be designated as uncommon. Black Beauties are designed to be a free gift with your third Kilo purchase of a given expansion set. They will never require you to “chase” extra copies to have a playset or a complete collection.

Also, to answer a question about expansion sets, “One” will not have a Black Beauty. We use every card slot in the production of “One” to provide “a complete expansion set in a box.” Black Beauties will start with “Two” and most expansion sets beyond. There are some special hand-assembly issues with these cards, so we will never make a decision to do a Black Beauty if it holds up production. Thus, it is always a surprise and always a free gift when it occurs. That said, it is our current plan that each expansion set will have a different Black Beauty. Subscriptions, naturally get all these cards as well

P.S. Ohhhhh… Black Beauty is a slang drug term. However, we decided to change the definition to something a lot more positive. ;-) The name Black Beauty is actually a placeholder to describe the packaging of these special cards. They are sealed in a unusual “black” box custom designed specifically for this purpose."

Remember, when you think Fight Klub, think Spike.

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