Monday, September 1, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Ikarus Faith

By littlewars

This month, as promised, I decided to provide a bonus token for Ikarus Faith. Ikarus Faith is a custom character designed by Plageman with the input of the french forum. In Plageman's words:

"The original Ikarus Faith card and tokens were based on the idea of creating a new gameplay variant by adding a rogue element aligned with none of the players.

This "hired killer" was to be played by both players before the start of the Game Turn and have a "contract" on some of the player characters. Rules were made, and to use them a "character" was proposed. Since he was a "Hero" type I needed a name and thus Ikarus Faith was born."

You can download V1 of Ikarus Faith's card and tokens from Plageman's Black Sheep Archives site here.

Tannhäuser's publisher T.O.Y. released their own take on the character last January, in the form of a bonus token. You can view it here.

The background text reads:

"For nearly 1,000 years, the Guild of Assassins, in their fortress of Alamut, has trained the most deadly killers in the world. Considered impregnable, the mighty fortress is built on a rocky spur, 1800 meters high on the slopes of Mt. Elbrus. It is there that Ikarus Faith, former student and future rival of Wolf was born... "

Ikarus was overhauled by Plageman to better reflect the new character design. The hypodermic weapon "Death's Kiss" was added to V2 of Ikarus Faith. This month's U-Chronic Token is based on that.

You can use these optional tokens to mark Poisoned characters. You could also use gaming beads or bingo chips, whatever works for you.

Bonus Game Aid: Ikarus Faith Equipment Pack Cards

As a bonus this month, I have made some equipment pack summary cards for Ikarus Faith. These are done in the same style as Universal Head's cards seen below. I never play a Tannhauser game without these, they are an excellent game aid that everyone should use.

Photo by Mara Saurio from BoardGameGeek

The Universal Head Tannhauser Rules & Reference Pack contains a rules summary, token summary sheets and card-sized equipment pack summaries for all characters (including Wolf and Yula). You can download the latest version (updated June 2008) here.

One last note; there is an error in Ikarus Faith V1 that I made. I included a poison vial as part of the Spirit Silencer token graphic. Plageman pointed this out to me at the time, but I didn't get it. Here is the corrected token graphic:

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