Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Good News, Bad News

Savage Tales Presents


a tale of thrills and chills in The U-CHRONIC Universe


Fantasy Flight Games has finally got some new Tannhäuser stuff up on their site. The site is also undergoing a transformation. This is good news.

Act 2 - BAD NEWS - This is tempered by the fact that it has taken a year to translate a couple of thin booklets... This stuff is still not actually for sale!!!

Act 3 - GOOD NEWS - Take On You is releasing 2 new Tannhauser items this year! Those in the non-English make take this news otherwise.

DAEDALUS is scaled back a bit from the original plan. There is no minotaur figure included. It will be released later.

Then there is FIELD OPS. Think of this as "Battleground" meets Tannhauser.

Act 4 - BAD NEWS - We won't get Daedalus or Field Ops for at least a year...

And here is yet another item we can't get...

How hard would it be to offer those for sale? No translation needed, just sell them...

Only the future will tell if GOOD NEWS or BAD NEWS will come to Savage Tales... Stay tuned...


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