Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tannhäuser Tuesday - B.P.R.D. Field Agents

B.P.R.D. Field Agents

BPRD Field Agent One uses the Joe Diamond figure from Fantasy Flight Games' Arkham Horror Investigators miniatures line. These are 25-30mm prepainted figures for use with the Arkham Horror and Mansions of Madness board games. The figures are good pulp era  figures that will find use in many rpgs and minis games. They are $4 each, whis is an OK price for the quality, which is average. As you can see there is some flash and Joe is a little smaller than he should be. The bases are a bit thinner than the Tannhäuser ones, but I don't see the need to replace them. They are close enough. I'll have a further review of the figures later. 

Joe's offense comes from his twin .45s that blaze into action. He fast on the draw and has been known to take down multiple targets with his trusty .45s.

BPRD Field Agent Two is represented by the Mike McGlen figure, also from the Arkham Investigators set. Mike's got a Thompson sub machine gun, a .45 caliber death machine. There are many figures available that would work as field agents, so feel free to substitute any appropriate figure.


My custom additions to Tannhäuser are not created by, distributed, or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games. Tannhäuser and all related characters are trademarks of Fantasy Flight Games and © Fantasy Flight Games. The BPRD, Hellboy and all related characters are TM and © Mike Mignola.


Anonymous said...

Awsome to see the AH figs next to Tann figs, now I have to buy the whole $200 set. :)

Magnus said...

All the more reason for me to get my own copy of AH! After owning Tannhauser for two years, I've finally found a group to play it with, so I've returned to your site to transcribe what you've done with the B.P.R.D. faction. I'm glad you're still here! :)

I know you said Johann Kraus didn't fit into the U-CHRONIC timeline, but do you have plans to ever transcribe him to Tannhauser? I would be very excited if you did, :D.

Pete Miller said...

I don't remember what my issue with Johann was, but I will do Johann and probably Hellbaby at some point. I like Johann a lot.