Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Catch Up Day

Here are some images of recent Tannhäuser developements. I finally got the FFG Daedalus Pack. The tokens are different than the TOY french one and there is a new map on the back.

The Fantasy Flight Tannhäuser Daedalus Pack

New Fantasy Flight Tannhäuser Labyrinth board

A few new Tannhäuser finished adventurers on the forest camp map

Tannhäuser Indiana Jones with the whip crosses a bridge

Tannhäuser Indiana Jones with the machete

Tannhäuser Pat Savage?

Tannhäuser Doc Savage

Tannhäuser Indiana Jones

The Indiana Jones figures are a mash-up of Reaper minis parts, Pat is a Reaper minis Cowgirl, but I am thinking that the figure is a decent fit because that is what Pat Savage would have looked like when we first meet her in Brand of the Werewolf. I am marginally happy with the paint jobs on these figures, but very happy they are done. I have come to realize that I suck at the eyes. I think I am too impatient, but they are not good. The rest of the paint jobs are serviceable. I may try out a painting service for the minis of Doc's men.

I am most pleased with the ripped shirt on Doc Savage. I used the heavy foil from a wine bottle and carefully tore it into tiny strips and superglued it to the figure prior to painting.

Next up will be to make a page for the Tannhäuser BPRD and to get going on the Rising Sun Faction.

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