Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comic-Con Sat



Saturday was a busy one... and my last day at the Con

Here's some pix...

Uchronic Tales at the Con!

To the Aether and Beyond!

Many Fett

MiB Father                                                                                                     Tardis Son

The Mummy from the upcoming animated movie Hotel Transylvania

Gentle Giant had the Slave Leia action again


Great makeup on this Red Skull
Doctor Who
The battle of the year - Vader vs Chaplin

I guess Vader won, but he's running away from this Predator

Red Sonja

Captain Jack just escaped the head-hunters and ran into the convention center!


These are army men sized zombies. I hope they come by the bag!

My Little Pony World

50 years of James Bond on film

Privateer Press showed a bunch of stuff...

Level 7 (escape) is a new semi coop boardgame

Heap is a Scrappers War Machine board game


The prop store has an unbelievable selection of authentic movie props. None of the coolest stuff was for sale.

Alien space suit worn by John Hurt

Ray Harryhausen Ymir

Judge Dredd


Conan Sword Prop

Blade Runner original story board

insert slate from Empire Strikes Back

Deathstar mini piece Star Wars

Batman Returns

Tron Helmet

Star Wars Cantina Band

robot arm from Silent Running - a favorite movie of mine...

Lionsgate was showing off their 2 big properties - Hunger Games and Expendables 2.

Wonder Woman

Sony showed off Resident Evil: Retribution, Looper, Total Recall, Elysium, After Earth and Robocop.

Looper guns

Looper hoverbike

Total Recall car

Elysium attack ship

Total Recall car interior

After Earth costume

Some joker trying to get through the Elysium Border Checkpoint

Warner Bros had some little movie called The Hobbit - It was very crowded.

Kevin Bacon!

Alien Action Figures

Original Pulp Art

Steam Crow has great posters and cards and such. I bought a 2nd beer glass. Super cool folks.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

There was a massive He Man Masters of the universe display with He-Man and Skelator


Matching Action figure (on right)

She Ra

This is the stuff I loved as a kid. I had the Space Station, Fire Bolt Space Cannon, the crawler and Major Matt Mason and a bunch of the guys. I loved seeing this display at the Mattel booth. It brought back a lot of good memories.

Yep. Death is a toy. Vertigo Death.

Watchmen - Doctor Manhattan


Mattel had a bunch of these exclusives on display.

Paul and Lauren Martinez are great folks who publish Paul's book The Adventures of the 19XX, a pulpy comic that takes place in the 1930's. Great fun. They sell t-shirts and messenger bags featuring Zeppelins and biplanes and other pulpy goodness. You can find them here.

I am the Tick!

Because we all need Klingon Monopoly...

Greg Bear was signing Halo posters and Go Inexplicables!

Harry - they had Annoying Orange

I had never heard of this 2005 Charles Band movie starring Gary Busey... Gingerbread Man

Mike Mignola chats up the fans

Magic The Gathering had their own cafe / store
And that wraps my pictures of the Con. I had a great time and talked to a lot of very cool folks. I'll write up some stories tomorrow.



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