Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Edison Revealed



So, as it turns out, Thomas Edison's son can kick some ass. James Curtis Edison is probably the last official Union Hero and as Miah pointed out in his preview, Edison is a monster and a master of flexibility.

When playing with James Curtis Edison on your team you may play with the following configurations of soldiers:
3 Heroes, 2 Troopers
3 Heroes, 1 Trooper (each turn choose 1 of the following - get +5 to initiative or +1 Command Point)
2 Heroes, 4 Troopers
2 Heroes, 3 Troopers (each turn choose 1 of the following - get +5 to initiative or +1 Command Point)

There are also some a number of tokens with rules for the use of his Menlo gun.

Combat Pack
Ilirium Ignighter - This shoots a ball of energy that after the initial attack does additional damage the next time that character is activated.

Gibson Shells - You choose a circle within 6 circles of Edison and all characters on that circle or within 2 circles of it take 2 automatic damage.

Tri-Lens Goggles - These allow James to re-roll dice in addition to ignoring smoke effects.

Stamina Pack
Biotech Residue - dial up Edison or an adjacent character by two rows.

BG-450 - All wounds to Edison can be negated if he rolls any Natural 10s on his shock roll.

Cyprus Cylinders - target rolls 2 less dice on shock roll.

Command Pack
Ilirium Walljack - a mine that you can leave on any circle on your path. Later, you can set off the mine at any time, even interrupting a character's activation. Follows grenade rules.

IL-273 Repressor Field - Overwatch characters can't attack you.

America's Favorite Son - If there is a friendly Trooper on your path, they can take a hit aimed at Edison.

Well, here is the last official Union Hero and while that is sad, he is cool and maybe there will be future developments if the novels are wildly popular or if someone at FFG just decides that more needs to be done with the path- finding system.

Our friend and hero, Miah, will continue his coverage of the game and his blog is the best source for news and new custom tokens and characters for Tannhäuser.

There is still one more Reich Hero to come and then one more
novel will follow after that.

I don't know what my Tannhäuser output will be, but there are other shiny object that will catch my eye and I will continue to provide game related content on this site in addition to Pulp and book reviews.

I am looking forward to Frankenstahl and I will report back then!

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