Friday, July 11, 2008

Hellboy Week - FIGHT KLUB FRIDAY - Hellboy Card

Last week Fight Klub designer Tim Ellington over at Decipher's Fight Klub Site revealed the text of more than a dozen cards. Other than the small and blurry Mr. Blonde card we have seen no cards. Will I let that stop me from making customs? Hardly. Here at Savage Tales we scoff at the Impossible, laugh in the Face of Danger, and generally will go way out on a limb.

In that spirit I bring you the very first (as far as I know) Fight Klub custom Hero.

I'm sure I will be revising this as we learn more about the game and see the real cards. Here is a link to a link for some mock ups made by Chibri on the Fight Klub forums.

Following my lead, parlortrick has make a Pinhead the Cenobite custom card...

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