Thursday, July 3, 2008


Everyday next week will feature new and cool Hellboy stuff.

Here's a teaser to whet the appetite...

Savage Tales will feature lots of Hellboy movie stuff, my reflections on the genius that is Guillermo del Toro, an overview of his films, Tannhäuser customs, Heroscape customs, a never-before-seen Mignola sketch, and with any luck a custom Fight Klub card. I say that because I have been having photoshop trouble. I think I have it resolved and I'm working on the Tannhäuser map, but it's very tricky stuff to get the pathfinding circles positioned and colored logically. With luch, the map will be up on Tuesday.

We are keeping busy in the Savage Tales workshop and littlewars has some great stuff coming as well, so stay tuned...

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