Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Now with Two Lady Fürstensteins

I have often wondered about the figure choice for Lady Fürstenstein. The figure is from D&D Bloodwar - Doomguard - #47/60 Common.

Recently I was looking through my HeroClix collection and I discovered Magdalena from Top Cow comics. I like her as well for Lady Fürstenstein.

The only trouble is that Magdalena needs rebasing. Not really a problem as the D&D and Star Wars minis have bases that are perfect. I just bought a whole mess from Everythingmageknight for 30 cents each.

Very carefully pop Magdalena off her clicky base and trim the feet with an exacto knife (watch the fingers - those things are sharp!). Now cut a D&D figure off their base. Be careful to keep the base as smooth as possible. Now you can super glue Magdalena on. I use the super glue gel. I think it works a little better for this. I usually put a final coat of black paint on the base to hide where the previous figure's feet were.

Painters out there may want to paint over the bare midriffs - they might be a bit racy for the U-Chronic universe. I'm leaving mine for now.

Now I have 2 figures that will work for Lady Fürstenstein. But which to choose? I guess that is up to you, but I will be keeping both options open.

The Doomguard Fürstenstein is the hand-to-hand expert with twin blades to attack more than one opponent at the same time.

The Magdalena Fürstenstein has the sword for hand-to-hand as well as the pistol for opponents a bit farther off.

Here are sample pics of each figure with the whole Moeller's Hermetics Faction. Which one do you like?

And here they are with the Ladies of Tannhäuser. I think the scale of both figures work well.

Here is the original card.

Special Object
Twin Daggers - Type: Hand to Hand Weapon - Years of training in the Eastern Dynasties allow Lady Fürstenstein to attack two adjacent figures each turn.

Flying Blades - Lady Fürstenstein can attack a figure at a range of 4 , but you must discard this token, and place the Twin Daggers token on the circle with the target.

I also made a new card for the Magdalena Fürstenstein.

Special Object
Katana - Type - Hand to Hand Weapon - During a Hand-to-Hand Combat Roll, Lady Fürstenstein may add 1 to the result of each die rolled (except for Natural 1s).

Gold Plated .45 - Type - Close Combat Weapon - During a Combat Roll, the high fire rate of the .45 provides a 2-point bonus to the result of each die (except for Natural 1s).

The following Tokens are available to both versions of Lady Fürstenstein.

Shaolin Training - If there is an oponnent's figure adjacent to Lady Fürstenstein, instead of taking her normal move, she may move to any unoccupied circle adjacent to that figure. During a Combat Roll, Shaolin Training adds a 1-point bonus to the result of each die (except for Natural 1s) when making a Hand to Hand attack. This is in addition to any other Hand to Hand bonuses.

Smoke Powder - Lady Fürstenstein can throw smoke powder in any unoccupied adjacent circle. Place a smoke token on that circle. The smoke fills all paths that share a color with that circle.

Blade Reposte - Lady Fürstenstein always rolls Hand to Hand defense at her highest value and adds 1 to each die if the Twin Daggers Token or Katana Token is on Lady Fürstenstein's card.

Lover's Rage - If Doktor Moeller is attacked in the same Pathfinding as Lady Fürstenstein, and she has not had her Sequence, she can go right now, interrupting the attackers turn. She receives 2 extra attack dice if she attacks Moeller's attacker.

Martial Arts - Lady Fürstenstein adds 1 to each die when making a Hand to Hand attack. This is in addition to any other Hand to Hand bonuses.

Flash Powder - During her Sequence, instead of taking an Action Phase, Lady Fürstenstein may discard this token. All adjacent figures may not play their Sequences this game turn.

Now you have a choice. Please let me know which you prefer. You can reply here or on my thread at the Fantasy Flight Forums.


© 2008 W. Peter Miller

My custom additions to Tannhäuser are not created by, distributed, or endorsed by Take on You, Asmodee, or Fantasy Flight. Tannhäuser and all related characters are trademarks of Take on You and © Take on You LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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