Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - The Map Finally!!!

I have finished the 1st full version of my map. This map is set up with 4 entry points and lots of places for your troops to get to.

The original map is on rpgmapshare and was created by Marshal E. Sullivan. I did quite a bit of editing to get it to work with Tannhäuser including removing doors and moving walls. I also got rid of TVs, satellite dishes, and modern cars. I widened the stairs and moved some bushes around.

I also added all the pathfindings. My circles are too thick, but I couldn't get them better. Perhaps with some photoshop tips from Malechi on the FFG Tannhauser boards I can get them more official looking.

What I am looking for is feedback on what I need to fix or work on. I must have missed something. I know my circles are not the official distance apart.

You should also start thinking about scenarios, and where objectives should go and what they should be. You will be glad you did.

Now, without further delay is Apt. Complex X-83, located very near the Eastern Front. The region is a hotbed of Matriarch, Reich, and Union activity.

You can download the full size map here. I just (Tues 9:10 pm) changed the map to a smaller file. It is an 12 MB .jpg file.

Tannhäuser Tuesday will be on holiday next week, but check in Thursday for more Tannhäuser!


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