Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Hellboy Summer Pack

By littlewars

This month we feature not just one U-Chronic Token of the Month, but an entire alternate pack!

A few weeks ago, Doc Savage and I presented a complete Hellboy character for Tannhäuser Tuesday. We also posted an alternate card for Hellboy. I took to refering to this as his "Summer Pack" card, since Hellboy was clad in his trademark Mignola shorts.

So, in the spirit of the John MacNeal and Eva Kramer Winter Packs, this month we present the Hellboy Summer Pack:

Making Better Tannhäuser Tokens - Part III

Previously I talked about using a circular craft punch to make your Tannhauser tokens. Last Month I posted all the official tokens currently available on the Fantasy Flight Games website with a full bleed, to accommodate the craft punch. This month, I am posting all the remaining untranslated french T.O.Y. tokens with a full bleed. You can download a PDF I made of the unofficial token translations from the Black Sheep Archives site here.

As a bonus this month, the newer token translations that do not appear in the PDF are provided below:


French Take On You bonus tokens can be viewed here.

Sgt. 4th Grade
Promoted by Major MacNeal to Sgt. Technician 4th Grade, Sergio Ramirez Delastillas now occupies the post responsible for the weapons of the 42nd Marine Special Forces.

During the Deployment Roll, the rank of Sgt. 4th Grade offers a 2-point bonus to the die result. This bonus is cumulative with bonuses from other ranking characters. This rank replaces the one in Ramirez's Mental Pack.

.54 Caliber Walker Colt
The preferred handgun of the "Hurricanes" of the 82nd Combat Propulsion Unit, this powerful gun fires rounds of special .54 caliber ammuniton. Sergeant Brown surreptitiously acquired one during a brawl at the Fort Tilden Fleet Club.

Type: Close Combat Weapon
During a Combat Roll, the precision of Walker Colt adds a 1-point bonus to the result of each die (except Natural 1s), or 2-point bonus if the target is not separated by more than 3 circles from the attacker.

Dee's Glyph
In the Forbidden Library of Brasov, the original frontispiece of John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica has been discovered in a secret hiding place. The father of Enochian magic, he had uncovered the Glyph which allowed one to gain the favor of the Upper Worlds.

Before making a roll, declare the use of the Glyph. All Natural 1s count as Successes. The Glyph can only be used once per Turn.

Mechanischer Arm
When troops have suffered serious injuries, they are sometimes treated by the surgeons of the Baron Colonel Reimard Von Karloff. The casualty is then incorporated into the dreaded Iron Division. Only Schocktruppen of the 13th Occult Division can rejoin their original unit, but at what price…

This prosthesis increases the strength and usefulness of the original limb. The Schocktruppen can, by spending an Action Phase, carry out one of these two tasks, on an adjacent circle, on the same Path:
- Remove a Smoke Screen Token and immediately place it on any other circle on their Path.
- Remove a Debris Token from the board that was placed during the game as a result of a Grenade weapon. A token with a 1-point penalty is immediately discarded. A token with a 2-point penalty is replaced by a 1-point token. Then, if the Schocktruppen spends another action, consecutive or not, the token will then be discarded.


Irina's Spiritual Pack card can be viewed here.

Irina's 1920 Nagant was modified by Prime Steltsy Voronin to reproduce the effects of the Volta Gun. The Volt-Nagant simultaneously fires 7.62mm guage ammunition and produces a low amperage electrical discharge.

Type: Close Combat Weapon
During a Combat Roll, the precision of the Volt-Nagant allows the firer to add a 1-point bonus to the result of each die (except Natural 1s). Also, any successful Combat Roll is enough to detonate a Meteop attached to the target.

Reliquary Of Rurik
Son of Haffdarne, the military chieftain of the steppes of Central Europe, in 862 he became the first Prince of Novgorod. The reliquary was entrusted by Prince Metropolite Bukharha to Irina for the Svarog Project.

Consider her Stamina Characteristic column to have the following
Values: 5, 4, 4, 4.

Spiritual Guide
As the Black Angel reveals the meanings of old Krygyz poems, Irina becomes, a little more each day, the new Spiritual Guide of the Matriarchy.

Before the beginning of the game, characters allied with Irina may make a custom Pack and retain their Special Item. Spiritual Guide does not apply to Irina.


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