Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Lobster Johnson

The U-Chronic History
Lobster Johnson

No one knows the true identity of Lobster Johnson, but he has the resources to gather a team of assistants and pay for their warehouse headquarters in his fight against organized crime and Reich saboteurs and spies.

So far, over 100 victims have been found bearing the Mark of the Lobster - a claw insignia burned into their forehead.

As the war lingered on, the Lobster found himself facing the Reich and especially the agents of the Obscura Korps more and more often. Because of this he was eventually contacted by Trevor Bruttenholm and invited to join the newly formed BPRD. The Lobster declined, but has served many missions with the BPRD.

The Lobster is a tough, formidable opponent who can be recruited only by the BPRD, the Union, and other Pulp Heroes. Lobster Johnson is freely available to join the BPRD, however, other factions must pay 1 Victory Point to recruit the Lobster.

In his time with the Union forces, the Lobster has fought on land, sea and air to stop the Reich menace from corrupting American soil.

Lobster Johnson is a pre-painted figure from the Heroclix Indy set and is available for 75 cents or less at many online sellers. I also purchased a few extra D&D minis and popped the Lobster figure off the Clix base and glued him to one of the D&D bases for that Tannhäuser look.

Look out for more BPRD coming soon!!!


© 2008 Peter Miller

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