Friday, February 6, 2009

FIGHT KLUB FRIDAY - Shipping Dates

From the Decipher President:

"At present, we plan to ship product the week of 2/16. I will keep you updated on shipping dates on this forum. Thus far, here’s what I know:

(1) The cards have been printed.
(2) The cards are scheduled to be shipped to our warehouse, and are expected to arrive early next week (week of 2/9).
(3) All of our order processing systems related to this website are new, so we will be testing those systems next week, while we simultaneously pack out product.
(4) Shipping will be USPS first class to U.S. customers and priority mail to international.
(5) We ask that you please allow a full ten (10) days for delivery."

So GREAT news!!! The cards are printed and shipping!!!

The site will open to everyone soon so get ready to join the fun!

That address isn't working quite yet, but soon it will be. To access the site you will be asked who invited you. That person will be your Mentor. When you get to the door that asks "Who Sent You?", think Spike.

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