Friday, March 27, 2009

Pulp Movie News - Doc Savage

Well, this isn't the Doc Savage news I am hoping for from Warner Bros, but they have announced a new no frills make-to-order DVD service called The Warner Archive. The plan is to make the entire Warner Bros library on DVD (no Bluray, dangit) and this week they announced the first 150 titles. 'Doc Savage' is among those titles.

Now get on the ball WB. Last year at the San Diego Comic-Con Michael Uslan announced that there would be a new Doc Savage movie. No news since. I recently had LA Times reporter and blogger Geoff Boucher (Hero Complex - great blog, by the way) ask Mr. Uslan about the Doc movie and Geoff reported back to me that, "I did ask him about Doc Savage but he said there's no update he could share publicly at this point." Maybe at Comic-Con this year...

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