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U-Chronicle Vol 2 - November 2009

By littlewars

Top Story

Fantasy Flight Games has posted another "State of the Game" report for October. They are still in the process of updating the rules, for both the base game and Novgorod. Both will be included in the upcoming V2 rules, which will be made available for download as well as for sale in a print edition from FFG. They also assure players that they will not abandon the Path Finding System.

Daedalus appears to have been pushed back till the new rules are finalized. It currently appears on FFG's Upcoming page as "In Development", so I don't expect we'll see it in the near future. They do reassure players that Wolf will be available in time for Christmas. According to FFG's webstore, it looks like Yula is now currently out of stock, so you may want to snatch up her expansion if you see it at your local game store, if you haven't already.

Tannhäuser Custom Department

The Dero

The Dero faction is composed of 2 Heroes (Pilot and Scout) and 1 Trooper (Drone), with the option to play 1 Hero and 3 Troopers. The pictures on the cards depict Storm, Assault, and Grim Golems from the AT-43 game by Rackham. You only need to choose 3 minis, from a single Therian pack, that differ enough to easily keep track of who's who.

For a complete background on the Dero, and how they fit in the Tannhauser world, please check out my earlier column.

The Dero have two Affiliation Symbols; the Dero symbol and an Agarthan symbol as well. This way they could team up with any Agarthan, be it a Hyperborean Priest, a Lemurian Sorcerer, or an Atlantean Scientist.


Special Item: Construct

Combat Pack: Vril Cannon / Claws / Stealth

Stamina Pack: Vril Cannon / Irrillium Plating / Vril Battery

Mental Pack: Vril Cannon / Telepathy / Vril Battery


Special Item: Construct

Combat Pack: Flash Gun / Claws / Stealth

Stamina Pack: Flash Gun / Irrillium Plating / Vril Battery

Mental Pack: Flash Gun / Telepathy / Stealth

DERO DRONE (Trooper)

Special Item: Construct

Combat Pack: Claws / Telepathy / Stealth

Stamina Pack: Claws / Irrillium Plating / Vril Battery


Hand-to-Hand Weapon. Add 1 additional hit in the event of a successful Combat Roll.

The artificial body makes it impossible to destroy any vital systems. Automatically cancel 1 successful hit from an opponent's Combat Roll (except Natural 10's). Constructs may accomplish any Objective (regardless of Skill) and cannot be healed by any means.

Flash Gun
Automatic Weapon. If you roll at least one Natural 10 on a Combat Roll, and your target does not, on a corresponding Shock Roll, they are killed instantly.

Irrilium Plating
If you roll a Natural 10 on a Shock Roll, cancel all hits rolled in the corresponding Combat Roll.

At the start of each Game Turn, this character may enter "stealth mode" (flip the Stealth token). While in stealth mode, this character can only be targeted by Hand to Hand attacks and may only make Hand to Hand attacks.

Telepathic Range is Current Mental Value plus 1. For each Dero within range, add a 1-point bonus to this character's Current Combat Value. Additionally, any Drone within Telepathic Range of a Dero Scout or Pilot may make a free Counterattack, once per Game Turn.

Vril Battery
Adds 1 to the Current Stamina Value. Character explodes when they die; place a debris marker on their circle and make a Combat Roll for each adjacent character. Each of these characters also suffers an Automatic Wound, applied after the the Shock Roll, and cannot be countered by it.

Vril Cannon
Heavy Weapon. Adds a +1 to the result of every die (except Natural 1's). The Vril Cannon automatically cancels 1 successful Stamina Roll.

I feel U-Chronic!

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These custom additions to Tannhäuser are not created by, distributed, or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games. Tannhäuser and all related characters are trademark and © of Fantasy Flight Games. All Rights Reserved.

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Anonymous said...

Pete Miller...this is awesome work. And so I ask this of you...

Have you ever considered a custom version of Captain America and Red Skull for use in the game Tannhauser...as the only people possibly nearly as adequate for the game might be Sgt. Rock...but good luck finding pre-painted HeroClix minis for them!