Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tannhäuser Tuesday - U-Chronicle Postponed

Greetings fearless U-Chronicle readers. As you can see from this post, this is not your full and complete U-Chronicle feature. As some of you may know, I participated in NaNoWriMo this year, writing the first draft of my science fiction novel, Dreamweavers, in 30 days. Finishing yesterday. Unfortunately, that killed any time that I had. Between family, job, and writing 1700 words a day, I was pretty tapped out. But fear not, you will receive a full U-Chronicle this month.

Just not today. I will post a full article soon, hopefully by next Tuesday. In the meantime, enjoy this abbreviated feature.


FFG released the Wolf Character Pack on their web store as part of their Holiday sale, so everyone that needs one should order now. And while you're ordering you might want to pick up this AT-43 figure - Hero Box: Sergeant Anastasiva Tymofiveva. I'm just saying. Because the Matriarchy can always use another hot chick.

Here is a look at another product you might want to buy...

Miniature Market has a similar box set of Heroclix figures on sale for $8.50. As of this writing they have 16 left.

Here is a bonus image since I am late in posting this month... A whole mess of figures for Tannhäuser, some official, some custom. How many can you name?

These custom additions to Tannhäuser are not created by, distributed, or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games. Tannhäuser and all related characters are trademark and © of Fantasy Flight Games. All Rights Reserved. Heroclix figures are TM and ©WizKids.

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