Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Shogunate Itami and Mizu Report


Mizu and Itami, the final two figures in the initial Shogunate release are here and bring a few interesting wrinkles to the faction.


Itami's primal scream is so disturbing that he can cause his opponents to run away in terror. He can also force his will upon an adjacent figure an force them to take an action. He is also strong enough that any enemies next to him have to overpower him just to move and he gets stronger for each adjacent enemy character.

Itami also includes a Bonus Pack for  Ramirez which includes his MK 19 Mod A1 gun, a AN-M11 Thermite grenade, and a FR19 grenade which puts out a sticky fire retardant that puts out fires and prevents future fire grenades in that Path. It also causes a +1 to movement for each circle in the path.


Mizu is ninja-like in her ability to evade and confound her attackers. She can attack a character twice in the same turn, counterattack without spending a command point, throw smoke in reaction to being attacked, and can ignore the effects of smoke. If that isn't enough, she can dodge attacks.


Mizu Kage also includes a Bonus Pack for Irina that includes 3 new Liturgies. The first has Irina reduce the defense of opponents figures on the same path, the second lets her do direct damage from a Mental Duel, and the third has all non-Matriarchy figures moving one circle less.

 All in all, these are fun sounding packs and I am looking forward to playing them.




diversionArchitect said...

Woo! Awesome report, Doc! Absolutely LOVING the new Irina Pack =) And thats beyond how freaking cool Itami and Mizu are. I have my doubts about his demon bellow being strong enough, though. Thanks for including the lore bits too! It's way easier to read them anywhere at my leisure than sitting a mist the books and boxes. Thanks for posting!

Pete Miller said...

Thanks, dA!