Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 San Diego Comic-Con Friday

Now things get more interesting...

The Tin Fish restaurant is converted to the Grimm Woods

The Red ship is from Elysium

And Robocop is back...

And into the main hall...


I picked up Greg Broadmore's new book, Triumph

A beautiful painting by Donato Giancola

The MakerBot machine
Made from the original molds - Robot from Lost In Space

Avengers Assemble

Knuckleheads Assemble

The view from my 2nd hotel room - a cement wall

Mr. Promethius


Space Suits or Flight Suits from Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is the new Guillermo del Toro movie - Giant Robots vs. Giant Monsters. Count me in.

Obviously Ponies are more popular than G.I. Joe

Not Lego - the Hasbro version

Punk My Little Pony

I love Hasbro's dioramas

G.I. Joe - cycle
Marvel Action Figures

Ghost Rider





Iron Fist white, Angel, Phoenix

They had 45 live snakes (and a bunch of rubber ones) in this case protecting the Ark of the Covenant. I neglected to find out the price of the Ark. Snakes not for sale.


The ILM booth had a memorial to Ralph McQuarrie

Lego Maul




Darth some dude

The Stark Family

League of Steam

Steampunk Chef

A vehicle from White Storm, an ambitious indie film

Girl Genius

The coolest face paint I saw all day was on this dude.
Cosplay a go go


Little Mermaid

Panels! Game of Thrones

Resident Evil: Retribution

Milla Jovovitch and Michelle Rodriguiz

Total Recall - Len Wiseman

Colin Farell

Kate Beckinsale

Bryan Cranston and Jessica Beil

Looper - Emily Blunt

Rian Johnson, Emily Blunt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Elysium - Neill Blomkamp
Matt Damon - first time at Comic-Con!

Jodie Foster- first time at Comic-Con!

Sharlto Copley - from District 9


RodFleck said...

Peter - years ago, I wanted to go to I have a son, who wants to go and I said a few years back, when you are twelve. That is two years away and this set of postings are going to make those two years seem like FOREVER to him. Thank you for posting info. Cannot wait to see what gets posted tonight.

Could I ask a few recon questions? Room wise are you in San Diego, or do you suggest staying outside of the City? If the latter transit into the City?

Pete Miller said...

Rod - Stick to your plan to wait til he's twelve to go to San Diego. I think that's a good age. Remember there are 100,000 people at the con and there are times when there is the press of the crowd and you can't just step away. That could be overwhelming for many people. There are many small Cons all over the country, go to ones of those first. Those you could go to now, 10 is old enough.

I am lucky enough to be able to stay within walking distance and I would recommend this if you can. There is public parking at Petco Park (if it is still called that) and there are shuttle buses to many hotels.

If you are making a whole big family vacation to San Diego and only a few are going to the Con then there are many great resorts along Mission Bay (near Sea World and beaches) or at Coronado Island.

I have no advice for how to get into the popular panels other than be early. They do rerun the panels else where in the con, but I don't know if those reruns include the footage.

I would recommend going to regional cons like NY Comic-Con or Wondercon in San Francisco, or the Chicago Comic Con. I have enjoyed those as well.