Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 - Creator Spotlight - The North End of the World



Today is the first in a series where I look at individual creators that I met at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Today I'll be discussing Shadow Catcher Entertainment's graphic novel called, The North End of the World. I will say right now this one took me by surprise and I loved it.

I chatted with Emalee Pearson in their booth and learned that they were making a thick hardcover graphic novel about early American documentary photographer and filmmaker, Edward Curtis. In the early 1900's Curtis had a 20 volume series containing 1500 photographs of Native Americans. In 1923 he set off into the wilds of the Northwest to create the film, The Cannibal at the North End of the World. 

The journey to make that film as well as discover the nature of man and his own soul is the story of this epic single volume oversize hardcover graphic novel. I received a short preview version and I must say it was quite compelling. I am very interested in reading the full volume. The art by Christopher Shy is striking and difficult to describe (Bill Sienkiewicz-ish?) so I will show some images that have been posted online. The book is written by Dave Hunsaker and his beautiful words are laid into the art without adding panels or word bubbles. It is hard to describe, but it works (I put some examples from one of the artist's other books called "Soul Stealer"). The graphic design lets the words live over the art with out disrupting it and is easy to follow. Not an easy task, and beautifully done. It is effortless to follow the flow.

This is a book I plan on getting when it comes out later this year.

A Double Page Spread
Pages from "Soul Stealer":



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Emmalee said...

I'm glad my enthusiasm for the book carried over! Thank you for your interest, and spreading the word.