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This week's rules sneak peek is all about the Fight and specifically the 3 skirmishes on each Fight Card.

The Fight Cards have 3 Skirmish numbers printed across the top. You line these up with your opponents card and if you have a bigger number, you win the Skirmish. If you win 2 Skirmishes, you score that Fight Card. Some Skirmishes will have "results tabs" bonuses you get for winning that skirmish.

However, who ever has "the Drop" gets to pick when each Fight card is used and the order of the Skirmishes on that card.

This simple set up for the fights will be complicated by power-ups from the results tabs, Effect Cards, weapons, and the character you are fighting with. There will be very deep strategy on when you play these bonuses, how you use the Drop, and building the deck for the character.

The Character cards have some fist icons along the top row, color keyed to the type of character (physical, spiritual, etc.) The Fight Cards also have a colored bar across the top and you will get a 1 point bonus to the skirmish total for each fist on your character's card that matched the color of the bar.

Knowing these details of the core of the game, how the fights work, has me more excited about the possibilities of this game than anything since the news that decks are limited to one of each rare. We are going to be able to build cool decks that will be able to play out in an enormous number of ways.

Now let's see some cards.

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