Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tannhäuser Tuesday - The Mummy Strikes!!!

By littlewars

"The Eye Of Horus is a symbol of health perverted by Set, the god of violence and evil. This amulet, created as a healing aid, now has quite the opposite effect. In the expert hands of Hermann Von Heïzinger the gaze of the Eye is the gaze of a vengeful God."
- FFG Bonus Token, Eye of Horus

A hybrid of a token and character, with a scenario flavor, this month's special U-Chronic Halloween edition features the mummy Hor-Aha.

A favored disciple of Horus, he was slain through the trickery of the rival god Set. The pharaoh Hor-Aha was the original owner of the ancient Wedjat that became corrupted by Set. Centuries later it was discovered by Von Heïzinger who would wield its powers as his own.

The card lists all the necessary rules for the token. For the sake of clarity I will expand on a couple of finer points:

Curse Of Hora-Aha follows standard bonus token rules and occupies an Equipment Slot on the character sheet. It costs 1 Victory Point to equip a character with the token. It is placed (during an Action Phase) on the Entry Point regardless of the character's current location (there is no condition the character be adjacent). The token can only activate once the current Sequence is completed.

Hor-Aha is a token and not a character. Thus, he may not pick up or place flags in certain Game Modes. He is activated like a character and may only move or attack like a character. He also blocks all character movement (including the controlling player's team) and may be Bull Rushed (or Dueled) and attacked (with a shock roll) like a character.

The mummy can only attack characters with a Reich Affiliation Symbol; either the Obscura Korps, the Blutstrum Divison, or the Paranormal Division. Hor-Aha contributes to Victory Points by eliminating any enemy characters. Eliminating Hor-Aha does not count towards earning Victory Points for your opponent, he is not a Hero or a Trooper.

Optional Curse Of Hor-Aha Game Aids

You can use an optional miniature for Hor-Aha. Just swap the token from the character card for the Hor-Aha mini when you decide to deploy him. It is not necessary, but the mini is useful to remind players that Hor-Aha blocks movement. I recommend the D&D miniature #28 Guardian Mummy, an uncommon from the Desert of Desolation set.

The Hor-Aha character sheet is also optional. It helps keep track of health and includes a summary of Hor-Aha's special rules. You can also keep track of wounds without the card. For example, you could place a marker on Hor-Aha or rotate the token (say, to face your opponent) if you receive a wound.

Tannhauser Halloween Game Ideas

The Curse of Hor-Aha and the Eye Of Horus tokens make a good combination for a Halloween game. If you wish to further mix things up, consider adding any of the following variants:

• Fantasy Flight Game's Trick Or Treat Mask Bonus Token
• U-Chronic Sentinel Token, a demonic sentry
• Savage Tale's Hellboy and Hellboy Summer Pack
The Black Fortress Scenario at Black Sheep Archives

Photo taken in 1939 by a combat zeppelin stationed over the Obscura Korps headquarters in Cairo.

The unmarked plane is believed to be piloted by the rouge ace known as "Pique La Lune", a french national suspected of smuggling antiquities, including mummified remains, from the Ombos dig.

Later, when tracked to Constantinople, he is observed in the company of mercenary Wolfgang Otto Ludwig Friedrich, thought dead.

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