Tuesday, October 6, 2009

U-Chronicle Vol 1 - October 2009


Welcome back! We have a new monthly Tannhäuser feature here at Savage Tales. We call it the U-Chronicle and we intend to bring you features and news each month.

Top Story

As most of you are aware, Fantasy Flight Games has purchased the entire Tannhäuser property, including all work done to date and several upcoming releases. When these are to be released, only FFG knows for sure. They have announced 2nd edition rules for the game, with a $5 rule book available in addition to a free PDF of the revised rules on FFGs site. All existing components will be fully compatible.

The most recent news on the FFG web site gives us a few clues into their plans. According to a "State of the Game" report filed September 4, 2009, "Tannhäuser is the newest addition to the FFG family. We are going to be doing these State of the Games periodically for Tannhäuser to keep you better updated than times previous." They also promise us "the elusive Wolf (who will be for sale alongside Daedalus this fall)."

And best of all is this bit - "FFG wants to see the full potential of this game realized. We want this world to be a living breathing thing that we have the privilege of revealing. Currently we are in the process of transition. Take On You is sending us all of the assets for the game, and we will be going over them to see how far along all of the already announced projects are, and to make sure all upcoming projects are as close to perfect as can be. We will be showcasing previews of the upcoming Daedalus map expansion over the coming weeks, and there are a lot of products planned to follow it. We are holding off announcing them until the schedule is much more concrete, which means the time between announcement and when the product is in your hands is kept to a minimum. No more waiting, no more delays. We want this world to come alive, and stagnation is not an option."

I really hope that they mean it.


Tannhäuser Daedalus features:
• With 4 Entry Points, its singular Pathfinding and its new special spaces and surprising effects will give your tactics a rude awakening!
• Featuring two brand new maps, this expansion gives you a wealth of new options.

• Engage in a campaign of six original scenarios! 64 tokens are included to supplement your objectives, scenarios, and equipment!"
Daedalus retails for $29.95

Additional details are revealed in another press announcement from August 31st. "The second map is set in the outdoor Outpost of Gévaudan, and also elevates your play experience. This map brings the deadly capabilities of the sniper to bear. An all new icon for you to exploit, the sniper post allows you to target models not on your path!" This map is the one that FFG had previously announced a contest for designing the pathfindings. I am unaware of any announcement of results.

Tannhäuser Custom Department

My first custom faction, Moeller's Hermetics is complete and available in a pdf booklet that you can download. A smaller file (8 mb) that littlewars created for quicker downloading is here. Or you you can download the BIG file (150 mb) here. To play the faction, download the book, cut out the character sheets and tokens and order the following figures:
- Doktor Moeller - 1x Bonded Fire Summoner UNCOMMON #10 - Dungeons & Dragons - War of the Dragon Queen
- Lady Furstenstein - 1x Magdalena - Indy Heroclix (I have rebased her as explained in this article.)
- Jackal - 1x Human Blaster-for-Hire COMMON #35 - Star Wars Miniatures - Bounty Hunters
- Jackal's Hyenas - 2x Hunting Hyena COMMON #47 - Dungeons & Dragons - War of the Dragon Queen
- M.U.R.08 - 1x E522 Assassin Droid UNCOMMON #31- Star Wars Miniatures -Bounty Hunters
- Rustung Fallhammer - 3x War Ape COMMON #22 - Dungeons & Dragons - War of the Dragon Queen

I feel U-Chronic!

© 2009 Peter Miller

My custom additions to Tannhäuser are not created by, distributed, or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games. Tannhäuser and all related characters are trademark and © of Fantasy Flight Games. All Rights Reserved.


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