Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pulp of the Week - The Spirit #1

The Spirit #1
DC Comics - $3.99
Written By Mark Schultz
Art By Moritat
Colors By Gabriel Bautista
Cover By Ladrönn
Alternate Cover By Mark Schultz

The Spirit takes place in Central City and Denny Colt is an ex-cop that has died but keeps fighting for justice in the midst of corruption and organized crime.

Mark Schultz got it right. The story is satisfying as it is, but leaves the door open for the plot to advance in the next issue.

The Spirit is a First Wave Universe comic that feels like it takes place in the neo-noir retro-present that is what was advertised as the First Wave Universe. I have not read the Spirit before, nor have I seen the recent movie. I have a general knowledge of the character, but I am no aficiando. That said, I thought the Spirit #1 was a great start to a series. There is a story here. Beginning, middle, end. But it is also part of a longer story.

The art is evocative and feels right. I liked this comic quite a bit.

Back-up Feature
The Spirit - Black & White
Written By Denny O'Neil
Art By Bill Sienkiewicz

This is a short 8 page story. A whole story in 8 pages. Leave it to veteran O'Neil to have a beginning , middle and end in 8 pages. Sienkienwicz provides his trademark art; highly energized and full of character.

It turns out I like The Spirit better than Doc Savage. Well, in the First Wave universe so far, anyway.

I give The Spirit #1 an 8 out of 10.

Alternate Mark Schultz Cover

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