Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comic Con Begins - Wednesday Report

Comic Con Day 1 - Wednesday

I arrived at Comic Con this evening and got to take a brief jaunt into the main hall. I didn't see anything life changing, but I only had a few minutes.  I had lovely conversations with Christopher Moeller (of Iron Empires fame and painter of many Magic game cards among other things) and Anina Bennett (writer of Boilerplate.) There will be much more time tomorrow for pictures and such. 

Today, I did see a couple of cool things to snap pix of... First is a cool motorcycle from the upcoming SF / vampire / distopian epic film, Priest, from Screen Gems. This bike has a military, sf, Harley vibe...

Next is Gran Turismo 5 - finally coming to PS3 in 3D and it looks very real. They had the player in a driver's seat.

A life size Kenshiro from the bitchin' anime Fist of the North Star is on hand to announce the video game of the same name. 

And finally for today, the really nicely done Buck Rogers figure from Go Hero. I'm pretty sure this is their figure, as it is definitely their Weekly World News  Bat Boy figure next to it.

I'll have more tomorrow!

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