Thursday, July 29, 2010

Comic Con - Saturday Report 2

 Yep, the main hall was finally packed with a sea of people. Lots of costumes, though it seemed less than last year and lots of fun.

Hasbro had a great booth as usual...

Mattel had a big display as well with He Man and DC heroes.
 Paolo Parente was in the Image booth supporting his comic / game world, DUST. He had a copy of the production run of the Dust Tactics game Deluxe Edition which looked fantastic. Paolo said the Deluxe version would have a list price of $300. To my eye, the figures and walkers were painted very nicely - to a higher standard than AT-43 for example. The box carried the AEG logo, so I assume that FFG will be putting a sticker over this...

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were signing on the hall floor.

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