Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tannhäuser Tuesday - The Shogunate Begins!


Fantasy Flight was selling the first two packs of units for the Shogunate faction at Gen Con 2011, so I had to buy them and here they are...

As you may or may not know, the Shogunate faction introduces a new style of play called Allied Forces. This allows you to combine the Reich and Shogunate figures into a single force. The Matriarchy and the Union are also uneasy allies.

I am hoping that once the full Shogunate faction is released, this rule will be rescinded. I like the idea of 4 unique factions and the idea that when you bring your force to the table, you are not sure just who they would be facing.

First up is the leader of the Shogunate force, Iroh Minamoto. He is the Shogun's enforcer - known as "the Diamyo." His best attack is with his Special Object - a katana called Dual Soul, or Dyuaru Kontan. When using this weapon he add an extra die to the attack roll and each Natural 10 counts for two successes.

The second pack is the Shogunate Troops - the 3rd Division Ashigaru and the Shin Agent.

Also included is a new crate token - the Land Mine:

There is also a new pack for Hermann Von Heizinger:


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diversionArchitect said...

It's crazy, I've been looking for a while to see what the Shogunate are like- and here it's been all along. Thanks for the review, I think I can talk my group into chipping in for it now =)