Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Fight Klub
Decipher Games CCG
Releases Summer/Fall 2008

Fight Klub is the game that will answer the question -

"Who would win in a fight between Sarah Conner and the Alien?"
Rambo vs Judge Dredd - Stallone finally finds his match - himself
King Kong vs Hellboy
Ash Williams vs Jason
Chucky vs Godzilla

The web site lists many other massive mash-ups. Terminator, Magneto, Freddy, Hannibal Lector, Dr. Evil, Blade, Van Helsing, Punisher, Catherine Trammel, the T-X, Scarface, Jigsaw, Aeon Flux, Barbarella, Kwai Chang Cain, Godfather, Green Hornet, and the Mask are all named. Whether these licenses are hoped for or already achieved is unknown.

Decipher is taking a bold chance on Fight Klub. Every aspect of a CCG is being reexamined for this release.

Packaging - Sold in 100 card packs called Kilos.

License - Multiple Studios and properties.

Sales Model - More Tupperware than Magic the Gathering, and sold through the Decipher's web site. To buy Fight Klub you will have to enter the name of a "Mentor". That person will get a quarterly payment of 10% of the sales of their buyers. Decipher calls this "10% for Life."

Play Model - 40 card decks. 1 rare, 3 uncommon, 3 common MAX per deck. With a pool of cards for each set 30 rare, 30 uncommon, and 40 common if you have folks to trade with you will only need to buy 3 packs per set. At $35 (including shipping) per pack you need to spend $90 to get enough rares to trade for a set. They say they will also be having a monthly subscription service.

Play time - 15 to 20 minutes for a game.

Set One and Two release at the same time. "The One" a special release with each pack containing 1 each of 120 cards plus a special card called "The Drop". The player that holds "The Drop" chooses who plays first in each phase of the game.

Set Two is a standard release with 10 Rares per pack, 30 uncommon, and 40 common. The standard releases have 100 different cards.

The following expansions will be released quarterly.

The players will get to vote for what characters are in the expansions. There are going to be 8 characters per expansion.

Decipher is hoping to make Fight Klub the fun first choice alternative for player's second game.

All of this sounds great to me. I have applied for Founding Mentor status to get in on voting for characters and having a say in the game play. I want to play Ripley in the Powerloader fighting The Terminator or a Predator. I love mixed universes - see Hellboy, Heroscape, and the Marvel/DC Crossovers...

Decipher has big plans, so if you decide to get in on the action, remember me, Spike, when you order.


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