Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tannhäuser Thursday - R.U.R. 07

R.U.R. 07 is Doktor Moeller's personal autonomic robot. It is the most advanced artificial intelligence outside of Area 51. Moeller' s advanced methods have achieved cutting edge results.

R.U.R. 07

Special Object - Metal Ruins - When the RUR 07 is destroyed, remove the figure from the board and place the RUR 07 rubble token in its circle.

Infrared Sensors - RUR 07 can see through smoke and darkness. Smoke Grenades do not affect RUR 07.

Crushing Grip - Type: Hand to Hand Weapon • If you roll at least one Natural 10 on a Combat Roll, and your target does not roll at least one Natural 10 on the corresponding Shock Roll, he is killed instantly.

Energy Blast - Type: Automatic Weapon. RUR 07 always uses its highest combat value. Add 1 additional hit in the event of a successful Combat Roll.

The figures used so far for the Moeller's Hermetics faction are:

R.U.R. 07 - E522 Assassin Droid - Star Wars Bounty Hunters - 31/60 Uncommon

Doktor Krisztov Moeller - D&D War of the Dragon Queen - Bonded Fire Summoner - 10/60 Uncommon

Rüstung Fallhammer - D&D War of the Dragon Queen - War Ape x3 22/60 Common

Lady Fürstenstein - D&D Bloodwar - Doomguard - 47/60 Common

Tomorrow - Jackal wraps up Tannhäuser week!!!


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