Friday, March 12, 2010

AEG Gets 'Dust'ed - Minis game this Summer!

From AEG - As posted to Table Top Gaming News:

"AEG Gets 'Dust'
Miniatures Game
Published: 03/10/2010, Last Updated: 03/11/2010 05:22am

Alderac Entertainment Group will publish Dust: Tactics, a tactical-scale miniatures game, in conjunction with Dust Studios this summer. The game is set in a “what if” historical sci-fi world in which World War II did not end in the way we remember. Instead, new technologies recovered from an alien spaceship found by the Germans have created a very different and violent world. Mechanized walking armored vehicles interact with infantry carrying more recognizable historic weapons.

Dust Tactics uses 30mm scale miniatures with a WWII sci-fi feel. The first boxed set includes 30 miniatures, 4 mechs, and 2 heroes: enough to field both an American and a German force. A modular board allows for custom battlefields. The miniatures included will already be prepped, assembled, and base-coated (in US green and German gray), allowing them to be easily used out of the box. Or, players can take advantage of the pre-prepped minis to paint their own armies.

Future releases in the line will include forces for other nationalities, such as Soviet Russians and Imperial Japanese, as well as expanded weapons and strategic options, such as artillery and command squads.

A miniatures game based on the Dust world had previously been announced as a Fantasy Flight Games release in 2008 (see “Dust Tactics Miniature Game”). When Fantasy Flight ceased distribution of AT-43 in late 2008 (“Fantasy Flight Ends Rackham Distribution”), plans for the Dust miniatures game were cancelled. The AEG/Dust Studio version will feature a new ruleset different from the AT-43-based version originally announced by Fantasy Flight."

I am looking forward to seeing this game for a number of reasons. The figures look great. The Weird War background is awesome. I have wanted those tanks for years. I can't wait to get this into my hands and onto the game table.

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Is this the same scale as WH40K?