Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book Preview - Green Lama Unbound

I am very excited about Adam Garcia's followup to his terrific Green Lama novella, Horror in Clay. As you can see from the preview image above, Adam's new novel is called, Green Lama Unbound. Look for it from Cornerstone Books / Airship 27 Productions, or buy it through my Amazon link to the right. I am eagerly awaiting its release.

Green Lama takes on Cthulhu. Awesome. Those look like Deep Ones to me in the illustration above. The amazing Mike Fyles is doing the art on this book and as you can tell he loves the Green Lama.

Adam has been doing a ton of research on both the Lama (in all his incarnations) and his creator, Kendell Foster Crossen.  Crossen wrote the Lama for Pulps, Comics, and Radio. Adam has researched his papers and letter and is becoming quite the Lama expert.

Adam has agreed to an interview which I will post as the publication date draws closer.


Adam L. Garcia said...

Awesome! Thank you, Pete!!!

Ron Fortier said...

Add my own thanks to Adam's. All of us at Airship 27 Productions are really thrilled about this novel length Green Lama adventure and are anxious to get it out. Thanks, Pete.

Adam L. Garcia said...

I will also confirm, those are indeed Deep Ones in the image above.

But believe me, that's only scratching the surface!