Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pulp of the Week - DC's First Wave Miniseries

Geof Darrow Cover

Pulp of the Week
First Wave #1-6
DC Comics
Writer Brian Azzarello
Artist Rags Morales

I don't know if it is ironic or just sad that the flagship book of DC Comic's First Wave Universe has just  finished its six issue run as the whole Universe is rumored to be scrapped.

Several sites have reported the demise of the First Wave Universe, but as of this writing, DC Comics still has the books listed on their schedule. Time will tell.

J.G. Jones cover

If the line is cancelled, that would be a shame. For all of Azzarello's bluster about changing everything about these characters, he wrote a pretty good story. It didn't hurt that Rags Morales is a great artist. The same can't be said for the Doc Savage solo title as the art has been poor, in my opinion.

The real issue is that the First Wave miniseries ran hopelessly late, and in fact should have been completed as a set up to the solo books, instead of seeming to have nothing to do with them and finishing 6 months late. The miniseries is also a far better story than any of the Doc Savages so far. The Spirit has fared better.

I like happen to like this combination of Doc Savage, the Batman, the Avenger, and the Spirit, although I know many pulp fans don't.

The First Wave miniseries follows Doc Savage and his men, The Bat Man, and The Spirit on a globe-trotting adventure to thwart the machinations of Doc's nemesis, John Sunlight. Along for the ride are Richard Benson (The Avenger), the Blackhawks, and the jungle girl, Rima.

I liked the First Wave mini series and give it a 7.5 out of 10.

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