Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Hoss Harbinger Arrives


Fantasy Flight Games has released the last of the Tannhäuser characters they inherited when they bought the Tannhäuser Game property.

FFG also released the Equipment Cards pack, but I will detail those in another post. And now, here is Hoss, and he is a monster, and epic character that is not quite an Epic Hero, but he is close.

Hoss Harbinger is a descendant of Atlas, the first king. His people could view events of the past and future, but somehow missed the series of events that would destroy their homeland. As the world around him was crumbling, Atlas threw Hoss into the timestream where the man escaped the fate of his people.

Hoss is determined to replay the timestream and regain glory for his people. He can foresee future events and used his knowledge to restore life to the Kaiser. In exchange for this favor, Hoss was granted power and resources.

Hoss is a Hero and has the affiliation of the Circle of Agartha.

Hoss is a Hero and has the affiliation of the Circle of Agartha.

Hoss Harbinger is a man out of time and is outfitted with a wondrous bag of tricks.

His Special Object, Prescience, allows him to move 1 circle before the attack is rolled. If Hoss moves out of path, or range, the attacker may choose another target.

His Combat Pack features an out of path mental attack that is focused through a statue that reminds me of a golden Maltese Falcon. His Chronograph allows him to use his movement to try to switch places with any other character, and if Hoss has a great roll (or a horrible one) he can give those dice to any character and they must be used on that character's next attack or shock roll.

Hoss' Stamina pack adds in the Idol of Esagila, whack weakens characters as Hoss gets weaker and the Nephesh, ancient runes that allow Hoss to steal life from teammates on his path.

The Command Pack features Hoss' rank of Reichdoktor, which balances bonus wounds scored against the life of Hoss' teammates and the Eye of Akhenaton which reduces the cost of using Command Point abilities.

Also included in the Hoss pack is a bonus pack for Eva Kramer that includes a pistol, goggles that negate the effects of smoke, and Domina, a token that lets you either choose any piece of equipment from the unused crate tokens or to automatically win Initiative on any one turn.

There are also a few crate tokens, three new bonus tokens and a new scenario.

I will detail the Equipment Cards next time!


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