Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tannhäuser Update - Rules 2.0 PDF on sale Today!

Whatever the bugs were, they are finally fixed and the Tannhäuser Rules 2.0 are now available at Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now.

I have not read through them yet, but here is a quick peek at what you will get.

In addition to the previously spoilered Death Match Mode there are a number of other modes.

There are also Tactical Maps for all three existing maps. This is a welcome inclusion.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of the original  TOY Thanks section...

... with a call out to many fans that worked to support the game.

I'll put up a full report later.


José Ml. said...

so, any thoughts yet on these new rules edition? Is this a better game than it already was? Is there something worse? Looking forward to your comments.

The Dominus said...


Now that the new rules are out, my friends and I were wondering how we can alter the Dero to fit with the new rules. Do you have any suggestions on this?

Love the blog and your fan-made stuff.